UMCC starts products sales via an online auction

United Mining and Chemical Company announces the start of products sales via an online auction. Foreign business entities are invited to participate in the auction for export sales of products.

A potential buyer must provide a package of documents and go through a compliance check procedure to take part in the auction.

1. Documents stating: Full registered name of the company, date and country of registration, legal address of the company, nature of business, owner equity and information about top-management of the company. (Last name, first name; citizenship, date of birth, country of permanent residence).

It may be:

  • The trade register extract issued no more than 6 months ago, or a similar company registration document confirming the existence of your organization, legal address, country of registration / residence and a list of top-management or authorized persons;

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association or similar constituent documents confirming the nature of business, scope of your business activities, and any restrictions on your business activities, verified no more than six months ago.

2. Bank accounts information and details.

3. Information / documents on ultimate beneficiaries. (Last name, first name; citizenship, date of birth, country of permanent residence).

After passing the compliance check, companies will receive an invitation for the online auction participation.

All interested companies must send the specified list of documents to by 13:00 06.09.2021 for compliance check procedure.

Product names, quantities, payment and delivery terms are listed in the attached files.

Download PDF • 406KB
Download PDF • 406KB